Electronic Patient Care Report

NAS - EPCRElectronic Patient Care Report for the National Ambulance Service.  

ePCR Photo 4The National Ambulance Service (NAS) is introducing an electronic Patient Care Report (ePCR) to support patient care. This new technology will enable clinical audit practices in line with HIQA requirements and is part of the NAS National Programme for Information Technology.

Changes from a paper based reporting system to electronic Patient Care Record Form (ePCR)

How the ePCR will benefit patient care:

  • No information is ever lost - it is stored securely and in line with data protection and data governance arrangements
  • Data is sent to the receiving - location (hospital) within seconds of entry (signal dependant) and whilst the patient is in transit
  • Data is captured in real time - and can be exported from medical equipment such as LIFEPAK15 or other machines directly to the ePCR
  • Reports are in a standard - legible format, and can be printed – no need to read handwriting
  • Staff can view ePCRs of incidents they have been involved with – in line with data governance
  • More relevant/clinical information can be entered than could be captured on paper record, reducing need for attendance at coroner’s inquests etc.
  • Reference material available to clinical information on the ePCR (Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs), NAS Clinical Policies, etc.)

ePCR Photo 5