In case of emergencies please ring 999/112

Help Us Locate You.....

The crews in emergency vehicles are often frustrated (especially at night) by householders who don't display easy-to-read house or unit numbers/names on their homes. This may cause a delay in reaching the patient as the crew struggles to locate the incident address and find house numbers along a residential road.

Here are some guidelines for displaying house or unit numbers or names:

  • Write your Eircode somewhere visible in your home for others i.e. place on a placard in your hallway or on the fridge.
  • The minimum heights for door numbers or letters are 75mm– small numbers and letters cannot be seen from the roadside, especially at night. If your door or wall has the space available, fix numbers or letters larger than 75mm.
  • Use plain, easy to read numbers or letters made from white or yellow reflective material – red, blue or green (even reflective red, blue or green) cannot be easily seen, even with a spotlight at night.
  • Attach the numbers or letters to a dark non-reflective background or mounting plate – a light colored or reflective background washes out the numbers/letters and makes them much harder to read.
  • Display the numbers or name on the front of your property – the front doors or porches of houses are often too far from the roadside for the number or name to be found and read quickly. The Ambulance crews will look for bright numbers or names, counting the houses as they drive along the road.
  • Keep bushes and shrubs around your house number or name trimmed.
  • In estates ask the Developer or Council to erect a large numbered and labeled site map at each driveway entrance to the estate.
  • If you are in business, clearly display your street/unit number at the front of your premises.
  • If you are not familiar with the area, please remember where you have come from, where you are going and the last place you have gone through as this will help us narrow down your location.