Advanced Paramedic

The  Advanced Paramedic is  responsible for the care, treatment and movement of patients and maintaining self, vehicles, equipment and station in a manner fit to respond to that role.  Paramedics must have a minimum of two years paramedic registration experience in order to be eligible to apply for this training programme.

Some of the Clinical/Patient Care Responsibilities include:

  • Advanced Paramedics, as clinical leaders should develop positive working relationships with other staff and stakeholders; internal and external, to ensure seamless delivery of care and to optimise outcomes for their patients
  • Attend to cases of accident and sudden illness and respond to AS1, AS2 and AS3 calls in a prompt and timely manner
  • Deal with emergencies as directed
  • Attend to patients in a professional courteous and compassionate manner using best practice including compliance with Clinical Practice Guidelines

Eligibility Criteria for the Grade:

  • Annually a staff notice is circulated by the Education and Competency Assurance Team inviting eligible staff to participate in the qualifying process to progress to the Advanced Paramedic Programme.
  • Staff must have a minimum of two years registration as a Paramedic (including the post graduate internship) and prior to the closing date of applications.  
  • Following successful completion of the HSE National Ambulance Service Selection Process, candidates will be panelled and their applications forwarded for consideration against our University’s academic partners requirements.

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